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10 anime girls who changed the game forever

Sailor moon usagi tsukino sailor moon usagi tsukino also known as sailor moon revolutionized the magical girl genre with her empowering character and captivating adventures inspiring generations of fans worldwide

Motoko kusanagi ghost in the shell as a cyborg policewoman and leader of section 9 motoko kusanagi challenged gender norms and explored complex themes of identity consciousness

Lina inverse slayers lina inverse the fiery and fiercely independent sorceress brought a new level of humor and action to the fantasy genre paving the way for strong female protagonists in anime

Asuka langley soryu neon genesis evangelion asuka langley soryus complex character and psychological struggles in neon genesis evangelion left a lasting impact on viewers

Major motoko kusanagi ghost in the shell stand alone complex building on the legacy of the original film major motoko kusanagi continued to challenge societal norms and explore existential questions

Chihiro ogino spirited away chihiro ogino the brave and resourceful protagonist of studio ghiblis spirited away captured the hearts of audiences worldwide and helped introduce japanese animation to a global audience

Rei ayanami neon genesis evangelion rei ayanamis enigmatic character and mysterious backstory in neon genesis evangelion became iconic symbols of the series psychological depth and existential themes

NausicaƤ nausicaƤ of the valley of the wind nausicaƤ the compassionate and courageous princess of the valley of the wind demonstrated the power of empathy and environmentalism in hayao miyazakis influential film

Haruhi suzumiya the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya haruhi suzumiyas eccentric personality and desire for the extraordinary turned the sliceoflife genre on its head sparking a phenomenon known as haruhiism and influencing anime fandom culture

Mikasa ackerman attack on titan mikasa ackermans exceptional combat skills and unwavering loyalty made her a standout character in the dark fantasy series attack on titan solidifying her status as one of the most iconic female warriors in anime