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10 beautiful fulani braids to try

Fulani braids can be styled short or long rihannas braids curve beautifully around her head adding a stunning component to her glamorous look headcurving braids

Extensions may be needed depending on hair length add beads and jewels for personalization updated traditional style

Fulani braids can be done in various sizes but smaller braids add tension to the scalp postappointment care includes using aloe or castor oilbased products microfulani braids

Gabrielle unions long braids are a quintessential summer protective style use cantu apple cider vinegar root rinse 6 to cleanse the scalp without disrupting the style extralong braids

Mirian njohs seatoned blonde braids add a pop of color perfect for summer kandasamy suggests using bright funky or pastel colors for added fun and trendiness mermaid braids

Javana mundys backlength fulani braids are a stylish protective option to try backlength braids

Alissa ashleys straightback braids channel the iconic say my name video by destinys child y2k braids

Romance coxs feedin braids are accented with baby hair and cowrie shells for a creative and fun statement look accessorized

Sideparted fulani braids offer a stunning opportunity to protect your coils while framing your face beautifully faceframing sidepart

Jeanettes simple style of braids without extensions can be done at home by seasoned braiders offering a minimalist yet stylish option simple style