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10 coins that changed the course of history historical impact

Athenian owl tetradrachm 5th century bce this ancient greek coin featuring athenas owl was widely used in trade and became a symbol of athenian power and culture during the height of the athenian empire

Roman denarius 3rd century bce to 3rd century ce the denarius was the backbone of the roman economy for centuries facilitating trade and taxation throughout the vast roman empire

Chinese wu zhu 1st century bce to 10th century ce this ancient chinese coin standardized by emperor wu of han played a crucial role in unifying china economically and politically during the han dynasty

Byzantine solidus 4th to 11th century ce the solidus was the main currency of the byzantine empire maintaining its value for centuries and contributing to the stability of byzantine trade and economy during its long existence

Venetian ducat 13th to 18th century ce the venetian ducat was a widely accepted and trusted currency in medieval europe facilitating trade and financing venetian maritime dominance and commercial expansion

Spanish piece of eight 16th to 19th century ce minted from silver mined in the spanish colonies the spanish piece of eight was the worlds first global currency circulating widely in international trade and contributing to the rise of spain as a global power

British gold sovereign 19th century ce to present the gold sovereign first minted in 1817 played a pivotal role in the expansion of the british empire by facilitating trade and financing colonial endeavors across the globe

American double eagle 19th to 20th century ce the american double eagle a gold coin minted by the united states played a significant role in facilitating trade and investment during the 19th and early 20th centuries particularly during the california gold rush

German rentenmark 1923 introduced during the hyperinflation crisis in weimar germany the rentenmark stabilized the economy and restored confidence in the currency laying the foundation for the economic recovery of the weimar republic

Bitcoin 2009 to present while not a physical coin bitcoin revolutionized the concept of currency by introducing decentralized digital currency blockchain technology