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10 easy breakfast ideas for type 2 diabetes

Very berry smoothie packed with protein from greek yogurt and fiber from berries this smoothie is a nutritious and satisfying breakfast option learn more arrow

Wholewheat blueberry muffins with a proteinrich side like greek yogurt these muffins provide a lower glycemic load when paired with protein making them suitable for diabetes management learn more arrow

Highprotein oatmeal incorporating eggs and ground flaxseed into oatmeal boosts protein and healthy fats providing a filling breakfast option learn more arrow

Eggs and lentils on toast this dish combines lentils and eggs on toast for a proteinpacked meal that helps stabilize blood sugar levels learn more arrow

Mushroom freezer breakfast these burritos are rich in protein and fiber making them a convenient and nutritious breakfast option learn more arrow

Bagel thins with nut butter using wholewheat bagel thins and adding nut butter banana and chia seeds creates a balanced breakfast with fewer carbs learn more arrow

Nobake blueberry almond energy these energy bites are a quick and easy breakfast option providing protein and fiber to keep you full and satisfied learn more arrow

Mini corn cheese and basil frittatas made with corn cheese and eggs these frittatas are a flavorful and lowcarb breakfast choice learn more arrow

White cheddar zucchini muffins these muffins are glutenfree and ketofriendly offering protein and fiber from almond flour and zucchini learn more arrow

Scallion grits with shrimp this classic southern breakfast can be made with corn grits or quinoa for a proteinrich and satisfying meal learn more arrow