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10 easy highcalorie breakfasts

Sheet pan breakfast quesadillas instead of a breakfast sandwich try this 577calorie breakfast quesadilla the quesadilla had excellent morning flavours from handmade walnut sausage veggies and cheese

1000 calorie smoothie for weight gain one thousand calories will start your bulking day coconut milk dates nut butter bananas spinach and berries lend substance and vitamins to this milkshakelike smoothie

Tater tot breakfast casserole this tater tot breakfast is comfort food nirvana great weekend dinner with 485 calories per dish a onepan vegan egg cheese vegetable and potato tot dish is perfection

Authentic jamaican bread pudding jamaicaninspired bread pudding infuses your house with warmth coconut nutmeg rum and allspice give moistened bread a sweet island flavour 787 calories

Blueberry pie baked oatmeal try baking your favourite muesli ingredients into a treat this 501calorie breakfast has healthy blueberries slivered almonds and maple

Breakfast burritos breakfast burritos with 700 calories are excellent tofu scramble pico de gallo crunchy potatoes and creamy avocado are wrapped inside a flour tortilla and cooked till golden brown

Snickers overnight oats enjoy the best of both worlds with snickers overnight oats oats cocoa peanuts dates and maple make a nutty chocolate delight this dessertlike dish has 645 calories per bowl and healthy ingredients

Easy biscuits and gravy biscuits and gravy are meaty perfect southern comfort breakfast at 508 calories proteinrich gravy covers fluffy biscuits for hours of satisfaction

Breakfast double down sandwich the ultimate breakfast sandwich this monster will make you gasp the bread is replaced by two crispy hashbrowns stuffed with vegan breakfast sausage just egg and pesto

Apple streusel breakfast pizzas never too early for pizza pizza and apple streusel make a delicious morning dish delicious mini pizzas with 637 calories and 30 minutes to cook