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10 easy houseplants that dont need sunlight

Snake plant sansevieria trifasciata also known as motherinlaws tongue the snake plant is incredibly resilient and can tolerate low light conditions its an excellent choice for beginners due to its low maintenance needs

Zz plant zamioculcas zamiifolia the zz plant is almost indestructible and thrives in low light it has glossy dark green leaves and can survive with minimal water making it perfect for forgetful plant owners

Pothos epipremnum aureum pothos is a versatile and easytogrow plant that can flourish in various lighting conditions including low light its trailing vines make it an attractive choice for hanging baskets or shelves

Spider plant chlorophytum comosum spider plants are known for their arching leaves and small offshoots or spiderettes they do well in indirect light and can adapt to lower light levels making them a popular choice for offices

Philodendron philodendrons come in many varieties and are wellsuited to low light conditions their heartshaped leaves and trailing vines add a touch of greenery to any room

Peace lily spathiphyllum peace lilies are known for their beautiful white blooms and dark green leaves they can tolerate low light and even help purify the air making them a beneficial addition to your home

Chinese evergreen aglaonema chinese evergreens are hardy plants that thrive in low light and can tolerate varying conditions they come in a variety of colors and patterns adding visual interest to your indoor garden

Cast iron plant aspidistra elatior true to its name the cast iron plant is incredibly tough and can withstand neglect it thrives in low light and is an excellent choice for dimly lit areas of your home

Parlor palm chamaedorea elegans the parlor palm is a small slowgrowing palm that does well in low light its an ideal plant for adding a tropical feel to your indoor space without needing direct sunlight

Dracaena dracaena plants are easy to care for and can adapt to low light conditions they come in various shapes and sizes making them a versatile choice for different areas of your home