10 Fast-Growing Ground Cover Plants That Give Your Yard Quick, Beautiful Results - Martin Baker Orthodontist

10 fastgrowing ground cover plants that give your yard quick beautiful results

Creeping thyme a perennial ground cover with aromatic leaves and small blooms in pink purple or white ideal for bordering pathways and filling crevices releasing fragrance with each step

Creeping jenny a lowgrowing perennial with bright green heartshaped leaves and small yellow flowers in summer forms a dense matlike ground cover and spreads quickly

Irish moss an evergreen perennial with dense mosslike foliage and tiny starshaped white flowers in spring ideal for planting around pavers or garden pathways handling light foot traffic

Bugleweed a perennial ground cover with glossy rounded leaves and spikes of small tubular flowers in blue purple pink or white lowmaintenance and spreads quickly via creeping stems

Creeping raspberry a vigorous grower with trailing stems glossy dark green leaves and small white to pink flowers that turn raspberry red in autumn forms a dense mat of foliage

Blue daze a fastgrowing ground cover with beautiful blue flowers and small green leaves often grown as an annual in zones 9 to 11

Sweet potato vine one of the fastestgrowing ground covers with varieties that have different colors and leaf shapes deer are fond of this plant

Wedelia features small yellow flowers and spreads aggressively ideal for confined urban areas but classified as invasive in some states

Asiatic jasmine an evergreen ground cover creating a dense mat often planted under large trees low maintenance and great for preventing weeds in shady areas

Creeping phlox a native perennial with a dense matlike forming habit offers multiple seasons of interest with clusters of dainty flowers usually purple that bloom from spring to the first frost