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10 flowering trees that ll attract hummingbirds to your yard and garden

Trumpet honeysuckle this sunloving perennial vine has tubular flowers that attract hummingbirds choose the native lonicera sempervivens or dutch variety lonicera pericylmenum and avoid the invasive japanese honeysuckle lonicera japonica

Columbine a springblooming perennial with long spiky flowers making it one of the earliest nectar sources for hummingbirds it prefers part shade

Hosta a sturdy perennial with midsummer flower spikes loved by hummingbirds grows best in mostly shaded areas

Cuphea known as the firecracker plant this hardy annual with bright orange or red tubular flowers is a sunlover that needs watering during the hottest parts of summer

Fuchsia this shadeloving annual features exquisite drooping flowers perfect for hanging pots or baskets attracting hummingbirds

Rose of sharon a hardy shrub that blooms late in the season attracting hummingbirds with its large flowers when other plants are winding down

Lantana a droughttolerant annual with vibrant colors ranging from neon orange to bright pink it can be perennial in warm climates and thrives in full sun

Salvia blooms for weeks from early to midsummer in shades of purples deep pinks and blues newer varieties form tidy mounds of foliage instead of flopping over

Cardinal flower a native perennial with red and yellow trumpetshaped flowers hardy in warmer climates it spreads up to 5 feet wide and prefers part to full sun

Catmint a sturdy perennial with fuzzy foliage and purpleblue flower spikes that bloom in early to midsummer it has a pleasant spicyminty scent and loves full sun