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10 food that taste awesome

Dark chocolate dark chocolate is the sweet treat of choice for healthfood junkies the key to its superfood status cacao beans brad gruno proprietor of brads raw foods says they have the most antioxidants of any food

Flaxseeds although nutty flaxseeds wont overpower your taste receptors the small seeds are one of the greatest sources of alphalinolenic acid an omega3 fatty acid that may prevent heart disease and stroke

Ginger ginger improves cardiovascular function digestion immunity pain and inflammation a little goes a long way in taste and health tanya zuckerbrot ms rd offers shredded ginger in squeezed juice or hot water

Pistachios start working pistachios have several health advantages and a buttery taste theyre rich in protein fiber antioxidants and potassium they also include monounsaturated fats that may decrease cholesterol and prevent heart disease

Goji berries these little superberries are healthy traditional chinese medicine uses goji berries from asia and europe believe it or not theyre rich in protein antioxidants and trace minerals including copper iron zinc calcium germanium phosphorus and selenium

Acai berries acai berries are rich purple and taste sweet and tangy like blackberries theyre a popular superfood with plenty of antioxidants and plant compounds berries are hard to locate in the produce area so a superfood smoothie is the ideal way to eat them

Pineapple the best pineapple is juicy and ripe this fruit tastes well alone or in a smoothie moderation is crucial since it contains sugar like any fruit pineapples bromelain enzyme aids digestion and reduces inflammation

Greek yogurt this delectable snack is probably a mainstay in your diet but it shouldnt be left out nonfat greek yogurt is rich creamy and healthy an 8oz meal provides roughly 20g of musclefeeding protein

Sweet potatoes sweet potatoes are natures gift when cooked a potato enzyme breaks down starch into maltose which gives the meal its sweetness sweet potatoes contain betacarotene which the body turns into vitamin a

Garlic this dish is great despite garlic breath this healthy flavorful food is great raw or baked for decades garlic has been used to prevent colds heart disease and lung cancer