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10 foods that should never be refrigerated why

Green round banner tomatoes refrigeration dulls the flavor and texture of tomatoes they are a climacteric fruit meaning they continue to ripen after being picked cold temperatures stop this process and make them mealy or mushy store tomatoes at room temperature on a counter out of direct sunlight

Green round banner potatoes cold temperatures convert the starches in potatoes to sugars leading to a sweeter taste and potentially gummy texture they can also develop green spots that contain solanine a toxin that can cause nausea and stomach upset store potatoes in a cool dark dry place with good air circulation

Green round banner melons refrigeration masks the natural sweetness and aroma of melons they are not a climacteric fruit and chilling them does not affect ripening store melons whole at room temperature until ripe then cut pieces can be refrigerated for a short time

Green round banner avocados refrigerating an unripe avocado will slow down the ripening process once ripe avocados can be stored in the fridge for a few days to slow down spoilage however refrigeration can make the flesh brown faster

Green round banner garlic cold temperatures can cause garlic to sprout and make it rubbery store garlic in a cool dark dry place with good air circulation like a mesh bag in your pantry

Green round banner bread refrigeration dries bread out faster the cold air disrupts the moisture balance in bread making it stale and tough store bread in a cool dry place at room temperature a bread box can help maintain freshness

Green round banner honey refrigeration can cause honey to crystallize and harden honey is a natural preservative and can be stored at room temperature for years

Green round banner coffee beans coffee beans absorb moisture and odors from the environment refrigeration can lead to a loss of flavor and aroma store coffee beans in an airtight container at room temperature in a cool dark place

Green round banner basil cold temperatures damage basil leaves making them turn black and wilt faster store fresh basil at room temperature on the counter displayed in a glass with a few inches of water like fresh flowers

Green round banner olive oil refrigeration can make olive oil solidify and cloudy while it wont harm the oil it can affect the texture and taste store olive oil in a cool dark place at room temperature extra virgin olive oil is best stored in a dark container like a tinted glass bottle