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10 healthy foods that are incredibly cheap

Oats are a versatile whole grain that is rich in fiber vitamins and minerals they can be used to make oatmeal added to smoothies or used in baking recipes oats

Brown rice is a whole grain that is high in fiber and nutrients such as magnesium and selenium it can be served as a side dish used in stirfries or added to soups and salads brown rice

Lentils are a lowcost source of plantbased protein fiber and folate they can be used in soups stews salads or made into veggie burgers lentils

Canned beans such as black beans kidney beans and chickpeas are affordable and nutritious sources of protein fiber and vitamins canned beans

Eggs are an inexpensive source of highquality protein vitamins and minerals they can be enjoyed boiled scrambled or used in omelets frittatas and baked goods eggs

Frozen vegetables are often more affordable than fresh and can be just as nutritious they are convenient to have on hand and can be added to soups stirfries frozen vegetables

Bananas are a budgetfriendly fruit that is rich in potassium vitamin c and fiber they can be eaten on their own added to smoothies oatmeal or used in baking recipes bananas

Carrots are a lowcost vegetable that is rich in betacarotene fiber and vitamins they can be enjoyed raw as a snack added to salads soups or roasted as a side dish carrots

Cabbage is an affordable and nutritious vegetable that is rich in vitamin c fiber and antioxidants it can be used to make coleslaw stirfries soups or roasted as a side dish cabbage

Peanut butter is a budgetfriendly source of plantbased protein healthy fats and vitamins it can be spread on toast crackers or used in smoothies oatmeal or baking recipes peanut butter