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10 incredible vegan ethiopian recipes

Injera this essential ethiopian bread soft and tangy like sourdough serves as a versatile base for east african dishes soaking up flavors and simplifying postmeal cleanup

Ethiopian collard greens and chard a flavorful medley of collards and swiss chard seasoned with cardamom cumin coriander and garlic creating a delicious side dish loved even by kids

Inguday tibs spicy ethiopian mushrooms meaty portobello mushrooms and green beans cooked in a savory sauce infused with berbere paprika and mustard powder perfect for scooping up with strips of injera

Shiro wat chickpea flour stew humble chickpea flour transformed into a rich velvety stew with red onion garlic tomatoes and berbere spice ideal for chilly evenings accompanied by injera

Homemade berbere spice blend a blend of 10 different herbs offering smoky earthy sweet and spicy flavors perfect for adding an authentic ethiopian taste to any dish

Warm spiced eggplant salad tender eggplant juicy tomatoes and sweet onions simmered with berbere seasoning and cayenne pepper served as a warm dipstyle salad with pita bread

Ethiopian wild rice pilaf chewy wild rice and hearty adzuki beans flavored with berbere spice blend and orange zest offering a nutrientpacked alternative to injera bread

Tikil gomen ethiopianstyle cabbage potatoes and carrots potatoes cabbage and carrots seasoned with turmeric jalapeƱos onions and garlic striking a perfect balance of savory spicy and citrusy flavors

Curried tomato lentil soup shorba addis a rich and satisfying ethiopianstyle curry featuring potatoes lentils orzo pasta and a lusciously spiced sauce versatile enough to accommodate extra veggies

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