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10 make ahead lunch recipes you ll regret not trying sooner

Slowcooker mediterranean lentil soup this hearty soup is a timesaving option for busy days whether cooked on high for a quick lunch or simmered on low for hours its flavorful and ready whenever you are

Healthy peanut soba noodles with vegetable salad these cold noodles are perfect for packed lunches vegetarian and proteinpacked thanks to soba noodles and peanut butter theyre easily doubled for meal prep

Cheddar and apple grilled cheese sandwiches elevate a basic grilled cheese with tart apples and savory cheddar its a comforting lunchtime option for any season

Mexican chicken soup this flavorful soup is a lunchtime staple substitute frozen corn kernels if posole isnt available for an easytoreheat meal option

Mediterranean tuna wrap freshen up tuna salad with olive oil lemon and a variety of herbs and olives its a flavorful twist on a classic lunch option

Blt bean salad enjoy the classic blt flavors in a hearty bean salad homemade herbmayo dressing adds freshness while bacon and croutons provide crunch

Tortellini caprese salad quickcooking tortellini becomes a colorful lunch with tomatoes mozzarella and basil a simple dressing of olive oil balsamic vinegar salt and pepper ties it all together

Turkey frittata a versatile lunch option easily adapted with whatever ingredients you have this speedy recipe calls for bell pepper boiled potatoes and turkey but get creative with addins

Spicy taco salad all the taco flavors come together in this hearty salad complete with shells and cheese its a satisfying lunchtime favorite

Caprese salad sub sandwich upgrade a classic tomato and mozzarella sandwich with garlic toast fresh basil and thinly sliced salami and ham its a delicious twist on a lunchtime classic