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10 musttry culinary specialties from around the world

Pizza is italian bread dough formed into a circle and baked with tomatoes and mozzarella naplesstyle pizza is a mainstay of italian cuisine pizza in italy

Curry is classic indian food it usually contains meat veggies and spices tamil kari meaning sauce is the root of curry curry in india

Traditional vietnamese pho has noodles beef and a flavored broth its a popular vietnamese and international meal that may be made in numerous ways pho in vietnam

Traditional french dish pain perdu dayold bread is soaked in milk and eggs and pancooked simple and delicious this recipe can be customized to your tastes pain perdu in france

Paella is a spanish rice vegetable and meat or seafood dish the valence region of spain makes the traditional paella which has several varieties paella in spain

Ramen is a pork or chicken broth soup with chinese noodles it is popular at japanese izakaya taverns and soba homes ramen in japan

The classic texmex dish chili con carne is made with ground pig or beef with kidney beans usually served with rice tortillas or toast chili con carne in mexico

English fish and chips are traditionally served with beer the dish includes chips and fried fish fish and chips in england

Chinese noodles—steamed sautéed or in soup—are essential to chinese cuisine they appear in many southeast asian dishes nowadays chinese noodles in china

Hungarian goulash is characteristic in a rich paprikabased sauce cubed beef or meat is cooked goulash in hungary