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10 of our alltime favorite chocolate desserts

Brownie pudding this decadent treat reminiscent of brownie batter utilizes common kitchen ingredients like flour sugar cocoa powder and eggs it offers the flexibility to omit coffee liqueur if desired

Hot chocolate lasagna contrary to its name this dessert features layers of chocolaty goodness including an oreo cookie crust hot chocolateinfused cream cheese layer rich chocolate pudding made with milk and cocoa powder and a whipped cream

Chocolate fondue no fondue pot needed for this recipe simply use the stovetop to melt a combination of chocolate chips and heavy cream chop the chocolate uniformly for even melting and consider adding espresso powder for an intensified flavor

Chocolate mousse whip up a bowl of rich luscious chocolate mousse with this recipe which combines heavy cream sugar vanilla extract and espresso powder with melted semisweet chocolate opt for highquality chocolate for the best results

Chocolate macarons fear not making macarons with this clear stepbystep recipe which calls for almond flour powdered sugar cocoa powder egg whites and granulated sugar use a silicon mat for perfectly shaped cookies every time

Chocolate peanut butter cookies elevate classic peanut butter cookies with chocolate by incorporating cocoa powder into the dough along with creamy peanut butter sugar eggs and vanilla extract the dough is then rolled into balls and coated in sugar before baking

Easy chocolate cake designed for simplicity this cake recipe calls for flour sugar cocoa powder baking soda baking powder salt eggs buttermilk vegetable oil and vanilla extract choose from three frosting options

Onebowl chocolate cake enjoy homemade cake with minimal cleanup thanks to this simplified recipe which combines flour sugar cocoa powder baking powder baking soda salt eggs milk vegetable oil and vanilla extract in a single bowl

Mississippi mud pie chocolate lovers will rejoice over this pies three layers of chocolate goodness including a chocolate cookie crust a rich chocolate filling made with melted chocolate butter sugar eggs and vanilla extract and a topping of whipped cream or marshmallows

Chocolate chiffon cake achieve a light and airy texture by inverting the pan immediately after baking and allowing it to cool inverted for two hours the batter combines flour sugar cocoa powder baking powder salt vegetable oil egg yolks