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10 outdated gadgets we just can t let go of

Cd players despite the rise of digital music streaming services many people still hold onto their cd players and cds for nostalgic or audio quality reasons

Vcrs video cassette recorders even though dvds and streaming platforms have replaced vcrs some individuals still keep them for playing old vhs tapes or for sentimental value

Landline phones while mobile phones dominate communication some households maintain landline phones for backup during emergencies or for more reliable call quality

Fax machines despite the prevalence of email and digital document sharing fax machines linger in offices due to legal requirements compatibility issues or habit

Pagers although largely replaced by mobile phones pagers persist in certain professions like healthcare where they offer reliable and immediate communication

Cassette players though rare cassette players are kept by audiophiles collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate the vintage sound and music experience

Crt televisions while flatscreen tvs are standard some individuals still have crt cathode ray tube televisions due to cost durability or reluctance to upgrade

Film cameras despite the digital photography era film cameras are cherished by photography purists and artists for their unique aesthetic and manual control

Personal digital assistants pdas pdas like palm pilots have been overshadowed by smartphones yet some users prefer their simplicity and specific functions

Mp3 players although smartphones have absorbed mp3 player functions dedicated mp3 players are kept by fitness enthusiasts or audiophiles for music onthego without distractions