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10 quick easy highprotein lunches

Egg salad lettuce wraps these egg salad lettuce wraps have a retro vibe using iceberg lettuce as a lowcarb substitute for bread making them perfect for a light and refreshing lunch

Chopped salad with sriracha tofu peanut dressing prep four days worth of highprotein vegan lunches with this hearty veggieheavy salad mix that can be dressed up to 24 hours in advance allowing the flavors to meld

Caprese sandwich this caprese sandwich combines fresh basil thick ciabatta bread and sundried tomatoes for depth of flavor a layer of basil leaves and toasted bread prevent sogginess if prepared a few hours ahead

Tuna salad with egg this tuna salad with egg features capers and lemon for acidity and chopped arugula for a peppery kick making it a balanced and cleanflavored option enjoyed with greens or wholegrain bread

Avocado tuna spinach salad this delicious salad combines creamy avocado with tender tuna and fresh spinach while sunflower seeds add texture and crunch making it an easy and satisfying meal

Chickpea salad sandwich this vegan chickpea salad sandwich is bright and lemony with flavors similar to a classic tuna salad including dill lemon garlic and crunchy celery

Black bean slaw bagel an openfaced sandwich on a jalapeƱocheddar bagel topped with black beans and fresh slaw offers a satisfying and easy lunch option

3ingredient creamy rotisserie chicken salad this chicken salad uses lemonherb mayonnaise for a twist on the classic recipe different mayo varieties can be used for added flavor and it pairs well with wholegrain crackers

3ingredient farro bowl with rotisserie chicken this hearty grain bowl combines a grocery store salad kit with farro and rotisserie chicken for a quick highprotein meal

3ingredient chicken tabbouleh bowls using the prepared foods section this grain bowl mixes readymade salad with proteins for a fast healthy dinner