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10 essential tips for parenting toddlers

No responsibilities starting your child with duties at an early age helps them realize the value of assisting the family

Lack of patience if they become frustrated immediately away when waiting for their turn in a game opening a gift or not going to their favorite restaurant

Overspending on gifts buying your child a welldeserved gift for their hard work is crucial for building memorable moments and ties but buying them pricey things for no reason is excessive

Limited boundaries parents must create boundaries and guidelines for their children growing up requires learning right from wrong

Overpacked schedule filling your childs schedule with activities and events may not be spoiling them your child has a voice therefore they should have a say in what they do

Inability to handle failure as life progresses everyone loses thats why you should educate your child resilience and loss management early on

Constant center of attention always focusing on your childs needs is a great approach to treat them and get them used to attention its especially risky for only children

Demanding behavior you may want to give your child everything they want like a new toy or your full attention but you need to know when and when not to

No appreciation for value breaking toys or flinging them about carelessly may indicate that your youngster doesnt value stuff and shouldnt be treated carelessly

Social challenges overly indulged kids may struggle socially since they cant compromise or share playing with kids requires taking turns and making sure everyone has fun