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10 stunning locations for wildlife watching

Explore wildlife in uganda rise at dawn to trek through ugandas damp and humid jungle scale steep paths and trudge through muddy ravines in search of endangered mountain gorillas

Go on safari in botswana cruise along the tranquil waterways of the okavango delta searching for lions leopards and rhinos on the lush riverbanks

Spot wildlife in costa rica costa ricas biodiverse ecosystem is a wildlife lovers paradise sloths drape themselves over the mossy branches of the monteverde cloudforest

Spot wildlife in sri lanka if seeing elephants tops your bucket list sri lanka is one of the best destinations to see them in their natural habitat

Spot wildlife in madagascar head to the lost continent of madagascar to encounter various species of lemurs with intense wide eyes and striped tails lemurs are full of character

Spot wildlife in belize as the sun rises above the protected waters of crooked tree lagoon wander along its verdant banks searching for wood storks herons vultures kingfishers and the rare jabiru stork

Explore the galapagos islands the galapagos islands are brimming with fascinating wildlife located far from modernday life the animals here are less fearful of humans offering great chances for closeup encounters

Spot wildlife in borneo an everpopular wildlife destination borneo boasts dense jungles shady mangroves murky swamps and humid montane forests teeming with fascinating mammals and birdlife

Spot wildlife in india explore four national parks to increase your chances of spotting this majestic big cat and other endemic wildlife including sloth bears and sambar deer

Explore spitsbergen for a wildlife trip like no other climb aboard an ice ship in norway to sail through the remote polar region of the arctic seals rest on giant ice floes and arctic foxes roam the snowy tundras