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10 things to do after school that kids parents will love

Have a snack bar gather around a snack bar for yogurt parfaits cheese crackers or homemade trail mix and meaningful discussion

Make paper bag puppets build your paper bag puppet collection one hour a week with imaginative younger kids save your things in one container and use them for a comfortable or crafty afternoon

Build a fort at least one childhood must have an inside fort of cushions and blankets why not surprise your kids with food and snuggles in the best pillow fort

Garden together gardening lets kids get filthy in the nicest manner from spring blossoms to harvest veggies

Get your puzzle on a family puzzle encourages everyone to sit converse and spend time together as your kids relax from school work on your puzzle and relationship daily

Get crafty creative creative ideas for kids abound and many might help your youngster choose their next pastime

Plan a family bike ride have your own wheels or visit a park with rentals either way a family bike ride is a pleasant way to spend time and move after school

Picnic snacks in the park pack snacks and head on the lawn for a more laidback park visit enjoy a book as your kids play amidst their favorite travel snacks

Go to a trampoline park stop to the trampoline park to let them release postschool energy while you drink coffee or check email

Volunteer together doing nice for others is a reliable method to revive spirits after a rough academic day