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10 things you didn’t know about caitlin clark basketball’s newest superstar

Clark released an elementary school dream board outlining her life ambitions including a basketball scholarship and wnba play in an espn inside look interview she’s been manifesting a basketball career since third grade

He noticed her outstanding skills early on and signed her up for guys teams to challenge her clark played on boys’ teams as a kid

Clark laughs at espn that her brothers are her “biggest supporters” and “biggest haters at the same time” humbling her her brothers helped her reach her athletic potential

Studentathletes can now be paid for social media brand deals advertising and other partnerships she brings home more cash than any other women’s college basketball player

Shes an honors marketing major and communications studies minor at the university of iowa tippie college of business a marketing major helps her make the most of it

Clark is notable for sinking logo threes—threepointers made from the hawkeye emblem painted on her iowa home floor some feet from the midcourt line she’s famous for her impressive shooting range

Clark a humble team leader consistently acknowledges her teammates achievements despite the media attention and long list of records and awards she’s always eager to prop up her teammates

Clark has 17 tripledoubles in college both men and women have the secondmost tripledoubles in ncaa basketball history behind sabrina ionescus 26 clark has the second most tripledoubles in ncaa history

Despite appearing to focus on basketball clark enjoys relaxing in the offseason and between games but it’s not all about basketball

Clark is a senior but she and other 2020 ncaa studentathletes were allowed to play at iowa for another year due to the epidemic soon it’s gonna be wnba time