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10 unbeatable egg dishes you definitely want to try asap

Eggs benedict a classic brunch favorite featuring poached eggs canadian bacon or ham and hollandaise sauce on a toasted english muffin

Shakshuka a north african and middle eastern dish made with poached eggs in a spicy tomato and pepper sauce often flavored with cumin paprika and other spices

Egg in a hole also known as toad in the hole this simple yet delicious dish consists of an egg cooked inside a hole made in a slice of bread

Quiche lorraine a savory french tart filled with a creamy mixture of eggs cheese bacon or ham and sometimes onions or vegetables

Spanish tortilla a thick hearty omelettelike dish made with eggs potatoes onions and sometimes peppers its typically cooked in olive oil until golden brown

Egg fried rice a classic asian dish made with cooked rice stirfried with eggs vegetables and often seasoned with soy sauce and other seasonings

Egg salad a simple yet satisfying dish made with hardboiled eggs mayonnaise mustard and often celery and herbs it can be served on sandwiches crackers or as a salad

Deviled eggs hardboiled eggs halved and filled with a creamy mixture of the egg yolks mayonnaise mustard and spices they are often garnished with paprika herbs or bacon

Eggs florentine similar to eggs benedict but with sautéed spinach replacing the canadian bacon its a delicious and vegetarianfriendly twist on the classic

Omelette a versatile dish made by whisking eggs with various fillings such as cheese vegetables meats and herbs its then cooked until firm and folded over the fillings