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11 best exercises for everyone

Running a simple enjoyable way to lose weight running offers a break from routine and helps you stay in shape just lace up your favorite running shoes and hit the road

Jump squats effective for burning fat and enhancing body balance and mobility jump squats are a powerful weightloss exercise

Planks ideal for a toned stomach planks target all six main abdominal muscles strengthening your core effectively

Crunches crunches are a core exercise that tones the belly and defines essential muscles contributing to a wellsculpted physique

Jumping jacks this fatburning exercise boosts heart rate strengthens joints and improves blood circulation and oxygen levels

Pushups a classic exercise pushups are excellent for maintaining a toned upper body and overall fitness

Squats squats not only tone your body but also enhance blood circulation digestion and muscle building

Lunges perfect for toning thighs and strengthening calves ankles and hamstrings lunges are key to lower body fitness

Walkouts involving full body movement walkouts strengthen arm leg and core muscles providing a comprehensive workout

Hip bridges this exercise reduces lower back pain develops muscles and improves agility and activity levels

Glute bridges essential for a strong lower body and good posture glute bridges also alleviate lower back pain especially for those with sedentary lifestyles