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11 camping snacks for your next outdoor adventure

Chocolaty chips a quick and easy camping snack with just three ingredients perfect for kids who love melted chocolate drizzled over potato chips or apple slices

Campers favorite dip a cheesy chili dip loved by the whole family ideal for grilling out or baking in the oven perfect for camping with a group

Granola trail mix a crunchy snack with four basic ingredients that can be customized with additions like mini marshmallows corn chips or cookie pieces creating unique flavor combinations

Slowcooker coconut granola a versatile camping snack with a tropical twist featuring dried cherries and the option to use other tropical fruits like pineapples

Homemade honey grahams a less processed and more affordable homemade version of honey graham crackers that disappears quickly loved by kids and perfect for camping

Cranberry dark chocolate trail mix a delicious trail mix inspired by a friends recipe combining cranberries and dark chocolate for a delightful camping snack

Walking tacos an onthego dinner or campfire meal where the ingredients are served right in chip bags making it easy to enjoy anywhere

Peanut butter granola pinwheels an easy and filling snack for kids quick to make and perfect for after school or on a camping trip

Fruit cereal snack mix a kidfriendly snack mix combining dried fruits apple chips and cinnamon cereal ideal for summer camping trips

Old bay crispy kale chips crunchy kale chips seasoned with old bay seasoning a healthy and flavorful snack perfect for camping or anytime

Snack crackers a crunchy and flavorful camping snack made by a 13yearold daughter loved by the whole family and disappearing quickly