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5 legendary coin collections that made history collectors pride

The king farouk collection king farouk i of egypt was an avid coin collector known for amassing one of the most extensive and valuable coin collections in history his collection included rare and unique coins from various civilizations

The garrett collection the garrett collection was assembled by the garrett family of baltimore maryland over several generations it was renowned for its exceptional quality and breadth encompassing coins from ancient greece

The eliasberg collection louis e eliasberg sr was the only person to ever assemble a complete collection of united states coins by date and mintmark his collection known as the eliasberg collection

The norweb collection the norweb collection was formed by the norweb family of cleveland ohio over several generations it was one of the most important and comprehensive collections of american coins ever assembled

The pogue collection the pogue collection formed by the pogue family of texas was widely regarded as one of the greatest collections of united states coins ever assembled it included numerous rarities and key dates