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5 of the most reliable motorcycles kawasaki ever built

Kawasaki ninja 250 one of the most wellknown lines of bikes made by kawasaki is the ninja and for good reason for many years the ninja 250 was thought to be the perfect first bike

Kawasaki ninja 650 since the ninja line is so famous it shouldnt be a surprise that two of them made it to the most popular list whereas the 250 was a great first bike the 650 became known as one of kawasakis most dependable bikes ever

Kawasaki z1000 the kawasaki z1000 may not be as good as it used to be but it made a lot of changes to motorbikes which is one reason why its one of the best bikes the company has ever made

Kawasaki versys 650 this bike the versys 650 was added to kawasakis lineup in 2007 and is still in production the 650 line is the larger brother of the versys 300 which is a good starting bike on its own

Kawasaki vulcan 900 for a more classic motorbike that works just as well the kawasaki vulcan 900 is the only choice this is another bike that doesnt seem to have many problems as long as you get new batteries tires and oil changes on a regular basis