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5 whole foods brand products worth buying

365 everyday value organic extra virgin olive oil this olive oil is great for cooking dressing salads or even dipping bread its certified organic and offers a highquality taste at a reasonable price

Whole foods market organic frozen fruits perfect for smoothies baking or snacking these frozen fruits are convenient and retain their freshness and nutrients plus theyre organic so you can trust the quality

365 everyday value almond butter made from just almonds with no added oils or sugars this almond butter is a healthy and delicious spread for toast sandwiches or for adding creaminess to smoothies

Whole foods market organic chicken broth a pantry staple for soups stews and sauces this organic chicken broth adds depth of flavor to any dish its made with highquality ingredients and has a rich savory taste

365 everyday value organic quinoa quinoa is a nutritious and versatile grain and this organic option from whole foods is both affordable and highquality its perfect for pilafs salads or as a side dish to accompany your favorite meals