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6 best pilates exercises to improve your balance

Scissors hold on to your scissors this movement will improve core strength and hamstring flexibility as well as improve walking and standing in better alignment as it helps your mind and body remember to utilize your core to move your legs learn more arrow

Bridges bridging is a great way to strengthen your posterior chain which includes your core muscles glutes hamstrings and the muscles in your midback surrounding your middle part of your spine learn more arrow

Seated rotation the thoracic spine or middle region of the back will become more flexible and the abdominals that surround the spine will become stronger as a result of the sitting rotation helping to prevent problems with the neck and back learn more arrow

Mermaid start the mermaid pose with your feet contracted and your legs bowed and swept to one side while keeping a straight stance bend to the side from the waist up away from your feet learn more arrow

Quadruped this is a fantastic workout to improve balance and develop the obliques which are important for supporting the spine and preventing back discomfort learn more arrow

Squats exercises like squats are crucial for maintaining our ability to live independent lives and carry out daily tasks like getting in and out of a car getting into and out of bed and getting up and down off the toilet learn more arrow