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6 effective sciatica stretches recommended by a physical therapist

Stretch your legs out in front of you while seated on the floor or in a chair  place your right ankle over your left knee as you bend your right leg as you bend forward your upper torso should come in contact with your thigh learn more seated glute stretch arrow

Compression of the spines vertebrae causes sciatica pain by making room in the spine this stretch aids in relieving strain on the sciatic nerve learn more sitting spinal stretch arrow

To start this stretch take a seat in a chair and place your sore leg over the other legs knee learn more basic seated stretch arrow

You can open up your hips by performing the figure4 stretch this stretch has several variations but in order to relieve sciatic nerve discomfort learn more figure 4 stretch arrow

Your gluteal and piriformis muscles can get inflamed and press against the sciatic nerve this easy stretch helps release that pressure learn more knee to the opposite shoulder arrow

This stretch can help relieve sciaticarelated hamstring tightness and pain on an elevated surface plant your right foot at or below hip level this could be a step on a stairway an ottoman or a chair learn more standing hamstring stretch arrow