7 Behaviors That Make You More Attractive Than You Realize - Martin Baker Orthodontist

7 behaviors that make you more attractive than you realize

Consistent reliability dependability is desirable trust and respect are built when someone keeps their commitments arrives on time and is there when you need them arrow

Enthusiasm for others interests it displays their curiosity openness and concern for you next time someone begins talking about their favorite activity or nerding out about a subject you dont know about lean in and show some enthusiasm arrow

Curiosity and eagerness to learn in a world when many individuals are satisfied to remain in their bubble and stick to what they know an inquisitive and enthusiastic learner is refreshing arrow

Genuine listening reading between the lines picking up on subtle clues and emotions and making the other person feel heard and understood are all part of genuine listening arrow

Random acts of kindness even if these tiny acts appear minor they may brighten someones day and leave a lasting sense of kindness being polite wherever you go makes you someone arrow

Remembering small details someone who notices the tiny things is really beautiful when you recall a persons favorite color childhood pet or a passing tale it indicates youre listening arrow

Being openminded openmindedness shows intellect empathy and a willingness to improve it requires stepping beyond your comfort zone challenging your preconceptions and connecting arrow