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7 benefits of strength training that go beyond building muscle

Strength training can aid in boosting muscle size and strength it can also assist the individual training perform better in sports or other physical activities by boosting power which is the result of combining speed and strength increase muscle size and strength

Improve cardiovascular health since the heart is a muscle that needs to be regularly exercised to keep healthy and robust strength training can help enhance cardiovascular function by strengthening the heart and lungs

Increase bone density strength exercise helps to stimulate bone growth and raise the strength of existing bones which can increase bone density and reduce overall bone loss

Stabilize and protect joints maintaining an active healthy lifestyle depends on having healthy joints shoulders hips and knees are all susceptible to trauma and illnesses like osteoarthritis which can worsen with age

Reduce body fat another advantage of strength training is the reduction of body fat particularly when paired with cardiovascular exercise and a healthy diet strength training may aid in the bodys calorie burning both during and after exercise

Support mental wellbeing research published in the international journal of environmental research and public health suggests that strength training can enhance mental health by reducing depressive and anxious feelings

Improve sleep quality strength training has been linked to better sleep quality which is important for both physical and mental health it may also help people feel less tired and have more energy during the day