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7 best ways to lose weight by summer

Aim for 10000 steps a day by increasing your daily steps not only are you going to burn more calories but you dont have the same risk of overtraining as you do when you add in intense cardio she adds

Weight train three to five times a week strength training and weightlifting are crucial to weight reduction resistance training helps boost your metabolism long term and will help to change your body composition as you lose fat he says

Eat more protein increasing your protein intake will keep you fuller longer and reduce muscle loss while you lose weight i recommend one gram of protein every pound of your ideal weight says nelson

Drink lots of h2o dehydration causes sweet cravings therefore drink plenty of water drinking water will help your hunger cues to be more accurate and will help you stay regular in the bathroom he explains

Add fiber to your meals fiber has several health advantages notably for weight loss it helps you remain regular and full after eating fruits and vegetables are great sources of fiber nelson recommends 30 grams of fiber daily

Get seven to nine hours of sleep each night you may not think a good nights sleep helps you lose weight but it does nelson advises seven to nine hours of sleep every night sleep is absolutely crucial for recovery and to keep your energy levels high as you are slimming down adds

Cut back on alcohol and sugary beverages okay your favorite coke and wine are tasty but theyre easy to overeat its easy to overconsume calories if youre starting your day with a 700calorie starbucks frappe or overindulge with alcohol on the weekends he adds