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7 breathtakingly blue beauties of the animal kingdom

The blue poison dart frogs bright blue skin draws attention rather than caution this little frog from central and south americas jungles warns predators of its strong toxicity with its dazzling blue hue arrow 1 blue poison dart frog

The blue jay is not like other birds you might see in north american fields and woods the bird doesnt hide its loud calls and beautiful blue white and black feathers let everyone know its there arrow 2 blue jay

You may not have heard of the blue dragon or glaucus atlanticus it is one of the most mysterious animals you have never heard of this very small sea slug can be found floating on the atlantic indian and pacific oceans arrow 3 blue dragon

The blue morpho butterfly one of the most famous blue species is a sight these butterflies from central and south american jungles have minuscule scales that reflect light generating a brilliant iridescent blue that may be seen from afar arrow 4 blue morpho butterfly

Despite its tiny size the blue ringed octopus is one of the most hazardous water species this pacific and indian ocean tide pool and coral reef octopus is known for its gorgeous iridescent blue rings that indicate its severe toxicity arrow 5 blue ringed octopus

The hyacinth macaw the worlds biggest flying parrot is remarkable with its cobaltblue feathers and golden rings around its eyes these magnificent birds native to open and semiopen central south america are stunning because to their size arrow 6 hyacinth macaw

Blue starfish or blue aquatic stars are beautiful aquatic creatures with deep cobalt to dazzling sky blue colors this indopacific coral reef starfish beautifies and sustains the reef ecology arrow 7 blue starfish