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Yellow star yellow star 7 cajun dishes you need to try at least once

Yellow star yellow star gumbo gumbo is a flavorful stew that is considered one of the quintessential dishes of cajun cuisine

Yellow star yellow star jambalaya jambalaya is a hearty onepot dish that combines rice with a variety of meats seafood and vegetables

Yellow star yellow star crawfish etouffee crawfish etouffee is a classic cajun dish made with crawfish tails cooked in a rich and savory sauce made from a roux onions bell peppers and celery

Yellow star yellow star red beans and rice red beans and rice is a traditional cajun dish that is typically served on mondays as a way to use up leftover ham from sunday dinners

Yellow star yellow star boudin boudin is a type of cajun sausage made from pork rice onions and spices encased in a casing and typically served steamed or grilled

Yellow star yellow star po boy sandwich the po boy sandwich is a classic louisiana sandwich made with french bread and filled with fried seafood such as shrimp or oysters or roast beef

Yellow star yellow star cajun fried chicken cajun fried chicken is a southern staple that is seasoned with a blend of cajun spices before being coated in flour and fried until crispy and golden brown