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7 companion plants you should never grow with tomatoes

Potatoes potatoes should not be planted near tomatoes because they share similar growing requirements and are susceptible to the same pests and diseases which can spread through the soil instead plant potatoes away from tomatoes

Eggplant eggplants are not good neighbors for tomatoes because both are prone to early blight a fungal disease that can easily spread between them to prevent this keep eggplants and tomatoes separated and consider planting beans

Corn corn should not be planted near tomatoes because it attracts corn earworms also known as tomato fruitworms that can damage both crops to avoid pest infestations do not plant corn and tomatoes together

Cabbage all other brassicas brassicas such as cabbage broccoli and kale compete heavily with tomatoes for nutrients potentially stunting tomato growth and fruit production to ensure your tomatoes have enough nutrients to thrive plant them away from all brassicas

Dill dill is not a good companion for tomatoes because as it matures it releases allelopathic chemicals that can inhibit tomato growth plant dill near other crops like cucumbers onions lettuce basil and brassicas but away from tomatoes

Fennel fennel inhibits the growth of many plants including tomatoes due to its allelopathic properties grow fennel in a separate area of the garden to avoid negative impacts on surrounding plants

Walnut walnut trees produce juglone a chemical that is toxic to tomatoes and many other plants to protect your tomatoes avoid planting them near walnut trees and consider using container gardening if space is limited