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7 famous foods to try in your lifetime

Lardo a type of salumi from the tuscan hamlet of colonnata made by curing strips of fatback with rosemary and other herbs and spices its enjoyed as charcuterie with crusty bread and pickles or used in pasta and pizza

Razor clams unlike common clams razor clams are tubular and meatier they can be grilled steamed with wine or cider or cured with lime juice and chili for a ceviche

Laverbread a welsh dish of cooked seaweed with protected status meaning it s only produced in wales it can be enjoyed with eggs in casseroles or fish soup or with a sprinkling of welsh sea salt

Goji berries a superfood that can be eaten dried or mixed with nuts and used to top cereal or in baking they can be found in health food shops

Tripe the lining of an animal s stomach which can be offputting if cooked badly however when served in a rich tomato sauce or deepfried in breadcrumbs with a green sauce it can be delicious

Wild garlic a leaf form of garlic with a milder flavor than the bulbous variety it can be used in soups as a side dish raw in salads or made into pesto

Truffles a luxurious wild fungus often harvested using dogs or pigs if you get truffles use them shaved into pasta risotto or scrambled eggs truffle oil is a more affordable way to enjoy their flavor