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7 garden trellis ideas that showcase the beauty of climbing plants

Minimalist geometry explore the elegance of simplicity with a trellis design that harmonizes with modern architecture offering a contemporary touch to any garden space

Trellised entrance enhance your gardens entrance with a trellis gate adorned with climbing roses and flowers creating a charming and inviting gateway for visitors

Hanging panels create privacy and shade on your porch with hanging trellis panels providing support for climbing roses and vines while adding aesthetic appeal to outdoor spaces

Wire and concrete utilize wire trellises to train plants along concrete walls offering a striking visual effect as the greenery envelops the wire transforming plain surfaces into vibrant vertical gardens

Rustic arbor frame garden pathways with arched trellises crafted from tree branches offering climbing plants a natural and enchanting structure to flourish while creating a whimsical atmosphere

Form and function line garden paths with trellises constructed from branches maximizing garden space while providing support for climbing plants creating a warm and welcoming environment for visitors

Builtin bench add a touch of charm to your garden with a trellis featuring a builtin bench offering a cozy retreat surrounded by climbing plants transforming outdoor spaces into serene hideaways