7 Hairstyles For Curly Hair That Are Simple And Chic - Martin Baker Orthodontist

7 hairstyles for curly hair that are simple and chic

Skyhigh pony achieve a sleek high ponytail by teasing the hair for volume securing it with an elastic and lifting it with bobby pins

Oneminute side braid quickly braid a section of hair on one side pin it back and let curls cover the pins for a modelworthy style

Romantic updo gather hair into a ponytail twist it into a bun secure with pins and leave flyaways for a relaxed romantic look

Sleek updo brush hair into a ponytail twist it into a messy bun secure with pins add a chic scrunchie and smooth flyaways with styling gel

Low bun with braids braid hair into cornrows pull into a low bun and wrap remaining braids around the base

Headband enhance your look with a stylish headband after applying curldefining cream

French twist twist hair into a french twist secure with pins and tousle for a sophisticated finish