7 Hairstylists Predict The Biggest Haircut Trends For 2024 - Martin Baker Orthodontist

Yellow star yellow star 7 hairstylists predict the biggest haircut trends for 2024

Yellow star old money bob this haircut exudes quiet luxury and sophistication it features a soft swishy bob with a refined perimeter and minimal external layering styling is crucial with a cushioned voluminous blowout to achieve subtle sophistication

Yellow star the 90s bob inspired by supermodels like christy turlington this bob features a strong shape with a soft blunt perimeter and intentional texturizing it can be personalized with dramatic side parts or fringe and the length can vary from jawskimming to collarbonegrazing

Yellow star soft contoured this trend encompasses midlength lobs to micro bobs tailored to suit each client the consultation is essential to determine the most suitable length and style the slightly longer length allows for natural movement while the front is shorter to frame the face

Yellow star pushedforward pixie crops this trend embraces shorter chops with varying lengths focusing on texturized length on top pushed forward toward the face it draws inspiration from decades like the 60s 80s and 90s with mod and androgynous shapes

Yellow star grown out fringes clients transitioning or starting with longer seamless bangs blend into their layers creating a versatile look cutting in motion and detailing on dry hair are crucial along with avoiding heavy parting for easy styling variations

Yellow star faceframing volume layers this trend involves adding volume layers to create bouncy faceframing styles without sacrificing length it offers versatility and can turn regular clients into lifelong regulars

Yellow star the new rachel 90s it girl layers inspired by 90s icons like rachel green from friends this midlength texturized cut features layers for movement and versatility the 90s vibes continue to be popular with clients embracing layers and movement throughout their haircuts