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7 high fiber lunches that keep you full

Quinoa salad combine cooked quinoa with a variety of colorful vegetables like bell peppers cucumbers cherry tomatoes and black beans dress with a light vinaigrette for added flavor learn more arrow

Chickpea and veggie wrap fill a wholegrain wrap with mashed chickpeas shredded carrots spinach and hummus roll it up for a convenient and fiberrich meal learn more arrow

Bean and vegetable soup whip up a hearty soup using a mix of beans like black beans kidney beans and lentils along with plenty of vegetables such as onions carrots celery and kale learn more arrow

Sweet potato and black bean burrito bowl top cooked quinoa or brown rice with roasted sweet potatoes black beans avocado slices salsa and a sprinkle of cheese for a flavorful and filling lunch learn more arrow

Grilled veggie and hummus sandwich layer grilled vegetables such as zucchini eggplant and bell peppers on wholegrain bread spread with hummus for a fiberpacked sandwich learn more arrow

Spinach and berry salad toss fresh spinach leaves with mixed berries sliced almonds and crumbled feta cheese drizzle with balsamic vinaigrette for a refreshing and nutritious salad learn more arrow

Lentil and vegetable stirfry stirfry a mix of colorful vegetables like broccoli bell peppers snap peas and carrots with cooked lentils in a flavorful sauce serve over brown rice or quinoa learn more arrow