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7 interior decor trends coming back into style

Wallpaper every homeowner with wallpaper wanted to remove it and paint for decades in recent years some homeowners have bought flamboyant wallpaper and peelandstick wallpaper

Round lines round lines are returning in many ways some associate round lines with curvilinear furniture like sofas and chairs while others associate them with arches and round windows

Dining rooms dining rooms may be making a return for several reasons after two years at home due to the epidemic having a separate location for a shared meal became crucial

Brown schemes beige and gray ruled the color world for a time these are still fashionable but brown color schemes are making them less so this is neutral but warmer and fuller

Plaid plaid and other playful designs are returning plaids resurgence means goodbye to palm fronds and other spacethemed designs try this theme with a blanket or window coverings

Colorful cabinets no longer do all american homes have woodtoned cabinetry purples greens blues and other jewel tones are on trend again colorful cabinets return to kitchens baths and builtins

Earth tones however some homeowners prefer neutrals over hues however gray and beige neutrals are being replaced with deeper earth tones this motif exudes tranquility making it ideal for bedrooms