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7 kentucky derby recipes to make your watch party a success

Classic mint julep the kentucky derbys namesake beverage is excellent but dont let the beautiful glass fool you making it is absolutely not difficult offwhite arrow

Benedictine spread this centuryold kentucky delicacy cream cheesecucumber dip was created by jennie carter benedict proprietor of a tea shop and caterer in louisville offwhite arrow

Pimento cheese bar cheese with pimentos at a derby party it is to be anticipated a pimento cheese bar though that will definitely make an impression a selection of accompaniments and some bread or crackers to spread it on and youve got a party mainstay offwhite arrow

Slow cooker bbq pulled pork with cabbage slaw bbq is the highlight of each southern celebration including the derby let your slow cooker tenderize pork shoulder into sandwich stuffing then sauce it for ease offwhite arrow

Pecanbrownie pie the derby is a wonderful time for pecans and other pecanrelated goods it is impossible to overstate how amazing this brownie pie is offwhite arrow

Skillet angel biscuits with spicy honey butter dont overlook the biscuits please these are so light that they might float and yet they taste like they were delivered straight from paradise offwhite arrow

Salty peanut banana pudding made with nilla wafers banana pudding is a guaranteed hit to make it even more delicious we prefer to add a generous portion of salted peanuts offwhite arrow