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7 living room trends be huge in year 2024

Multipurpose zones in this living room designer pilchik created three functional areas a central seating space a writing desk and a game table the room features luxurious mossgreen velvet sofas fabrics from fermoie and soane

Handpainted murals handpainted murals are becoming a popular alternative to wallpaper and plaster finishes leah alexander highlights this trend with a playful and chic living room featuring a mural by jasmine nicole williams in atlanta

Earthy tones alexis pew of kaminski pew suggests introducing color with warm textural spaces using natural materials and earthy palettes moving away from bright whites and grays she recommends creams browns

Impactful details noz nozawa designed a living room filled with shapes curves and detailed craftsmanship ensuring each angle offers something to appreciate she notes an increased interest in finer details particularly in tabletop design

Minimalist floor plans designer hilary matt predicts a shift towards strategic floor plans with less clutter and unnecessary objects she advocates for intentional spacing and furniture placement to create a more streamlined and functional room layout

Statement lighting bold sconce choices innovative blown glass techniques jewellike fixtures and organic shapes are expected to dominate lighting trends alexanders favorites include john pomp eny lee and the future perfect

Maximalist momentum tara mccauley observes a shift from colorless aesthetics aimed at resale value to designs that prioritize personal happiness she notes a rise in the use of color texture and layers reflecting a demand for more vibrant and expressive home interiors