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7 mexican drinks everyone should know and try

Margarita we said we would show you mexican drinks that arent margaritas but this recipe is just too good not to share since we dont want to buy sour mix we mix fresh lemon and lime juice with sugar to make our own offwhite arrow

Michelada its really simple to make this spicy beer drink just add lime juice and your favorite hot sauce to your favorite mexican beer adding a little worcestershire sauce and umamirich maggi sauce will make it taste great offwhite arrow

Paloma if you like tequila but dont like how sweet margaritas are youll love the paloma which is related to the margarita but not quite as much sparkling grapefruit soda and freshly squeezed lime juice are what our recipe calls offwhite arrow

Horchata create this authentic mexican beverage by blending white rice and almonds together it s thick and creamy and the sugar and cinnamon give the drink a sweet comforting finish offwhite arrow

Bloody maria even though we love traditional breakfast drinks this one has a fun oneofakind mexican twist when mixed with tomato and hot sauce vodka can get lost in the mix but tequila really stands out in this drink offwhite arrow

Agua de jamaica hippos that have been dried can be used to make tea hibiscus water sugar and lime zest are the only things you need to make this tasty drink on a hot day it cools you down just like iced tea but it doesnt have any caffeine offwhite arrow

Red river margarita its possible that this dish is more texmex than mexican but theres no question that the spicy flavors in this red river margarita come from mexican food add blood orange or grapefruit juice and dont forget the jalapeƱos offwhite arrow