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7 most deadliest snakes to avoid in the wild

The rocky savanna is home to the black or blackmouthed mamba dendroaspis polylepis which is frequently spotted on the ground it appears to have a fondness for termite mounds a dangerous african snake named for its black mouth

Some species have mildly hazardous venom such as the okinawa habu t flavoviridis an aggressive snake that frequently infiltrates homes in the ryukyu islands the barba amarilla yellow chin of latin america

When hunting the boomslang dispholidus typus imitates a branch by silently extending its forward portion of its body from a tree one of the most dangerous snakes in africa

The eastern tiger snake notechis scutatus is the most common tiger snake in southern australia and its islands like asian and african cobras it flattens its head and neck before striking the quintessential australian cobra

Science suggests that the sawscaled viper echis carinatus kills more people than any other snake species combined although its venom kills less than 10 of untreated victims the killer of the most people

Relatively speaking the banded krait bungarus fasciatus is extremely poisonous to cobras its venom is essentially a paralyzing neurotoxic a dangerous snake with a triangularshaped cross section

The worlds longest venomous snake is the king cobra ophiophagus hannah its bite releases massive paralysiscausing neurotoxins the snakes powerful and abundant venom may kill an elephant in hours the longest venomous snake in the world