7 Moves To Try If You’Re Dealing With Shin Splints - Martin Baker Orthodontist

7 moves to try if you’re dealing with shin splints

Seated toe drag this exercise really works your anterior tibialis muscle and stretches the top of your foot into your shin according to torre it increases ankle mobility by lengthening the anterior tibialis muscle learn more arrow

Kneeling shin stretch this is another stretch that works the anterior tibialis muscle but as torre illustrates you can add weight to this one to make it more intense learn more arrow

Heel walking before doing out this helps to enhance blood flow by activating the anterior tibialis muscle and other muscles according to torre the muscles in the front of your shin can be strengthened learn more arrow

Toe walking this dynamic stretch and strengthening exercise helps stimulate your arches of the foot and calf muscles as part of your warmup according to torre learn more arrow

Toes on wall stretch according to torre this workout strengthens the muscles in the front of your shins to make them more resilient to forceful repetitive motions learn more arrow

Down dog singleleg calf stretch this practice which is a version of downwardfacing dog stretches your hamstrings and other muscles around the back of your legs in addition to increasing ankle mobility according to torre learn more arrow

Banded ankle dorsiflexion using a resistance band rather than your body weight this helps to strengthen and mobilize the muscles on the front of your shin learn more arrow