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7 must try dishes to get in new orleans

Gumbo a quintessential creole dish gumbo is a hearty stew made with a flavorful broth meat such as chicken sausage or seafood and a variety of vegetables like okra bell peppers and onions

Poboy originating in new orleans the poboy is a sandwich made with french bread typically filled with fried seafood such as shrimp oysters or catfish or roast beef

Jambalaya another classic creole dish jambalaya is a flavorful onepot meal made with rice sausage chicken andor seafood along with vegetables and spices like onion bell pepper and cajun seasoning

Beignets no visit to new orleans is complete without indulging in beignets pillowy deepfried pastries dusted with powdered sugar

Crawfish etouffee etouffee which means smothered in french is a flavorful dish made with a rich rouxbased sauce vegetables and shellfish like crawfish or shrimp

Muffuletta a new orleans specialty the muffuletta is a hearty sandwich made with round sicilian sesame bread filled with layers of deli meats such as ham salami and mortadella cheese and olive salad

Red beans and rice a traditional monday meal in new orleans red beans and rice is a comforting dish made with red kidney beans simmered with onions bell peppers celery and seasonings served over a bed of rice