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7 perennial vegetables that grow back year after year

Asparagus asparagus plants produce edible spears each spring once established and with proper care they can continue to produce for many years learn more arrow

Rhubarb rhubarb is a hardy perennial plant that produces tart edible stalks once established rhubarb plants can provide harvests for several years learn more arrow

Artichokes while typically grown as an annual in colder climates artichokes are perennial in regions with milder winters they produce edible flower buds year after year learn more arrow

Jerusalem artichokes sunchokes jerusalem artichokes are tubers that grow underground and produce tall sunflowerlike plants above ground once planted they can spread and provide a harvest of tubers annually learn more arrow

Horseradish horseradish is a perennial root vegetable that regrows each year once established it can be harvested by digging up the roots and replanting a portion for future growth learn more arrow

Sorrel sorrel is a perennial herb with lemonytasting leaves that can be harvested for salads soups and sauces year after year learn more arrow

Chives chives are a member of the onion family and are known for their mild onion flavor they are perennial herbs that produce edible leaves and flowers each year learn more arrow