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7 pixie haircuts that look flawless on thick hair

Curly perfect for naturally curly hair ruth neggas pixie cut is a great choice just ensure you have a good curl cream for maintenance

Close crop cynthia erivos close crop is lowmaintenance especially for thick natural textures consider going whiteblonde for added flair

Slickedback shailene woodleys sleek style is sophisticated and chic achieve this look with styling gel and a flat brush

Platinum anne hathaways platinum pixie is underrated yet stunning achieve this look with the right tips products and colorist

Retro ruby roses retro pixie is cool and relaxed opt for cropped sides and longer top for styling versatility

Accessorized cara delevingnes pixie with a black ribbon is statementmaking perfect for both casual and formal occasions

Side bangs kat grahams pixie with side bangs is flattering and stylish use thickening mousse for volume