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7 popeyes copycat recipes

Copycat popeyes spicy chicken sandwich make your own version of popeyes famous spicy chicken sandwich by marinating chicken breasts in a spicy buttermilk mixture coating them in seasoned flour and frying until crispy

Copycat popeyes cajun fries recreate popeyes cajun fries by seasoning thickcut potato wedges with a blend of cajun spices including paprika garlic powder onion powder and cayenne pepper

Copycat popeyes biscuits whip up a batch of fluffy buttery biscuits similar to those served at popeyes by combining flour baking powder salt sugar butter and buttermilk

Copycat popeyes red beans and rice make a homemade version of popeyes classic red beans and rice by simmering kidney beans with onions garlic bell peppers cajun seasoning and smoked sausage

Copycat popeyes blackened ranch sauce recreate popeyes popular blackened ranch dipping sauce by combining mayonnaise sour cream buttermilk blackening seasoning garlic powder onion powder and fresh herbs like chives and parsley

Copycat popeyes buttermilk biscuit chicken tenders make crispy chicken tenders similar to popeyes by marinating chicken strips in seasoned buttermilk coating them in a mixture of seasoned flour and cornstarch and frying until golden and crispy

Copycat popeyes mardi gras mustard sauce whip up a tangy and spicy mustard dipping sauce similar to popeyes mardi gras mustard by combining yellow mustard dijon mustard honey mayonnaise cajun seasoning and hot sauce